Tech Accessories for Him

Keep your gadgets looking fresh

Have you ever experienced the challenge of trying to lock down a bag or case that is worthy of carrying your new gadgets? It gets quite serious. Not only are you reading up on specs and features to make sure your technological baby is kept safe, but also you’re simultaneously judging bags and cases by their aesthetic appeal. It’s a difficult task for sure, which is why a lot of people think stylish laptop, phone and tablet accessories just don’t exist.

Well, we're here to spread the good news: they exist! Here's a look at a few of our favorite styles.

Tech Ninja

Tech accessories are the easiest gift to give him. You just can't go wrong.

A more techy style has come a long way from those old (ugly) backpacks and messenger bags. Now you can rest assured that your goodies are stored safely without having to forgo good style.

Modern Minimal

A quilted laptop sleeve in black adds style without being too flashy.

You like to keep things plain and simple with a sleek design. No problem. From high end luxury designers to more affordable contemporary brands, the minimal look goes with just about every outfit.

Heritage Hipster

Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Sleeve in camo.
Padded Laptop Bag Buy
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If you couldn't find what you're looking for at that vintage store or flea market...there are some great designer pieces that have character. Give them a chance.


Switching cases every season? That's impressive.

Menswear blogger Alexander Liang carrying a neoprene laptop pouch.

The best stores to check out affordable and trendy tech accessories are Zara, Topman and ASOS. Look for the hottest trends of the season from studs and camo prints to neon colors and animal prints. You can keep these around for years, because as they say, what's popular one season will be back again.

What's popular one season will be back again.
Givenchy Flame-print sleeve from MR PORTER.